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From the September-October edition of Monadnock Table Magazine:

".... isn’t the only small business this proud town was happy to see pull through the pandemic.

The Greenville Junktion Shoppe, which landed its downtown space just two weeks before the arrival of the pandemic, has hung in despite many obstacles.

“I had recently purchased a home in Greenville and wanted to be within my community,” says owner Mark Abare.

His unique store is directly next to the town hall at the convergence of five roads and an impressive waterfall pouring into the river.

“I also have had the notion that if someone sees me taking a chance in the downtown area, that maybe it would be a catalyst for someone else to open a business in an area that used to be thriving,” he says.

A real revival would be a welcome sight for a downtown with a profound history and a past filled with small shops and restaurants. And community members like Abare are leading the way.

First is his mission to bring quality, used, vintage goods to the folks nearby at affordable prices. Secondhand stores have always intrigued him, and he’d like to be part of the shift away from a throwaway culture. “There are so many great items that have stayed the test of time, are well made…I love finding great items for folks to discover,” he says.

He also wants to store to be a place to gather, and for the past two summers, he has served up free outdoor music with tables, chairs and shade. A musician himself, he says he “wanted to offer up the opportunity to the network of performers I know to give them a place to showcase their talents.”

The community event has been well-received, with music of all different genres all season. The tunes will wrap in October, but Greenville Junktion will remain a charming place to come in from the cold and explore all winter long."

Monadnock Ledger-Transcript September 13, 2022

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